Scenario 7 - Analytics

This is a tutorial that is part of a series and can be used as a standalone tutorial on how to set up and view analytics for an API. For more details on the scenario and general prerequisites, please see the scenario overview page.

Time to Complete : 5 minutes

User story

GOGO Transit has identified a new business opportunity; since the train arrival data contains the number of passengers in each arrival, it could be used to predict the crowd in the station for a certain time period. Therefore, the services built around the station such as stores in the mall and cab services could use this data to optimize the number of employees they require for the services for each day. Thus, GOGO Transit decides to provide the passenger details API to the public with the subscription capability that generates revenue based on the number of successful requests completed within a time period.

Choreo API-M Analytics can be used to fulfill the stats and analytics needs of the API Manager. It is a cloud analytics offering for the Choreo API Manager and On-Prem API Manager deployments.

Step 1: Set up analytics

Before you begin...

You need to be a registered user to follow the steps below. Refer the Analytics Getting Started Guide for instructions.

To configure analytics,

  1. Sign up to
  2. Go to and generate a key
  3. Open the /dockerfiles/conf/apim/repository/conf/deployment.toml file and update the [] configuration similar to the following.
    enable = true
    config_endpoint = ""
    auth_token = "<on prem key>"
  4. Restart the api-manager container using the following command.

    docker-compose restart api-manager

Step 2: Try it out

Let’s generate some traffic. We have deployed an API (PassengerInfoAPI) in super tenant domain.

  1. Go to the https://localhost:9443/devportal/ and select carbon.super tenant domain.
  2. Log on using peter with password user123 and subscribe to PassengerInfoAPI API and generate an access token.
  3. Invoke the API using the token.
curl -X GET "https://localhost:8243/info/1.0.0/passenger-count" -H "accept: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer <token>" -k

Go to Choreo Insights to view statistics. Following are some of the graphs.


Usage over time

Response time

What's next

Try out the next scenario in the series, Rate Limiting.