Choreo Connect Supported Features

Choreo Connect's most recent version (v1.0.0) does not support all of WSO2 API Manager's (WSO2 API-M) functionalities. In contrast to the default API Gateway, Choreo Connect (the API Microgateway) only offers a fraction of WSO2 API Manager product functionalities.

Supported Features

The following is a list of Choreo Connect's important features.

  • API Manager as a Control Plane

    • Deploying and managing APIs (REST, SOAP, WebSocket)
    • Testing APIs with internal test keys via the WSO2 API Manager Publisher Portal
    • Subscription blocking/unblocking via the WSO2 API Manager Publisher Portal
    • Applying CORS configuration via the WSO2 API Manager Publisher Portal
    • Adding Key Managers via the WSO2 API Manager Admin Portal
    • WebSocket APIs
    • SOAP APIs
    • GraphQL APIs
    • Support for virtual hosts (Vhosts) to expose the APIs
    • Publishing APIs to multiple Gateway environments
    • Default API version
    • API Policies
    • Endpoints with mock implementation
  • Security

    • JWT based OAuth2 authentication
    • JWT revocation
    • Defining multiple Key Managers via the configurations
    • Subscription validation with WSO2 API Manager
    • Subscription validation with self-contained tokens
    • Scope validation for JWT OAuth2 bearer tokens
    • Backend JWT generation (Passing end user details to the backend services)
    • Support for API keys
    • Open Policy Agent(OPA) support
  • Rate Limiting

    • API/Resource, application, and subscription level rate limiting
    • Advanced rate limiting, custom policies, and the blocking conditions
  • Mediation and Message transformation

    • Request/Response Interceptors for APIs
  • Service Discovery

    • Integrate with Consul for service discovery
    • Integrate with Consul Service Mesh
  • Endpoints

    • Dynamic endpoint support
    • Advanced endpoint configurations
      • Retry and Timeouts
      • Circuit breaker
      • Load balance endpoints
      • Failover endpoints
    • Support Basic Auth protected endpoints
    • Mutual transport level security for Gateway to backend
  • API Insights and Observability

    • Publish analytics to the Choreo Cloud
    • Open Tracing support: Jaeger, Zipkin, and Azure App Insights
  • Troubleshooting

    • Enforcer REST API for troubleshooting purposes
  • Configurations

    • Environment variable support for configurations
  • Other

    • Immutable API artifact deploy support
    • Custom filter support at Enforcer
    • Deploy/undeploy APIs using the command line tool (APICTL)
    • Git Integration for Choreo Connect

Unsupported Features

The Choreo Connect currently does not support the following major functionalities. However, they will be implemented in future iterations.

  • Streaming APIs, namely SSE and WebSub/WebHook
  • Subscription operation for GraphQL APIs
  • gRPC APIs
  • API Products
  • Mutual SSL authentication for APIs
  • Basic Authentication for APIs
  • Bandwidth-based rate limiting for REST APIs