Adding Third Party Non OSGi Libraries

The Streaming Integrator is OSGi-based. Therefore, when you integrate third party products such as Oracle with the Streaming Integrator, you need to check whether the libraries you need to add to the Streaming Integrator are OSGi-based. If they are not, you need to convert them to OSGi bundles before adding them to the <SI_HOME>/lib directory.

To convert jar files to OSGi bundles, follow the procedure given below:

  1. Download the non-OSGi jar for the required third party product, and save it in a preferred directory in your machine.

  2. In your CLI, navigate to the <SI_HOME>/bin directory. Then issue the following command. ./ <PATH_TO_NON-OSGi_JAR> ../lib

    This generates the converted file in the <SI_HOME>/lib directory.

  3. Restart the WSO2 SI server.