Developing Streaming Integrator Solutions

This section provides an overview of the development flow in the Streaming Integrator.

Developing a Streaming Integrator solution involves the following four steps.

Streaming Integrator Development Flow

Step Description
Step 1: Installing SI Tooling This involves downloading and installing the Streaming Integration Tooling in which Siddhi applications are designed. For more information, see the following topics:
- Installing the Streaming Integrator in a Virtual Machine
- Installing the Streaming Integrator in Docker
- Installing the Streaming Integrator in Kubernetes
Step 2: Creating Siddhi Applications Siddhi applications can be designed in the Streaming Integrator Tooling via the source view or the design view. For detailed instructions, see Creating Siddhi Applications.
Step 3: Testing Siddhi Applications Once a Siddhi application is created, you can test it before using it in a production environment by simulating events to it. For more information, see Testing Siddhi Applications.
Step 4: Deploying Siddhi Applications Once your Siddhi application is created and verified via the testing functionality in the Streaming Integrator Tooling, you can deploy it in the Streaming Integrator server, or deploy it in a Docker/Kubernetes environment. For more information about, see the following topics:
- Deploying Siddhi Applications
- Exporting Siddhi Applications
Step 5: Running Siddhi Applications This involves running the Siddhi application in the server where you deployed them. To try this out, you can follow the Streaming Integrator Tutorials.