Google Spreadsheet Connector Overview

The Google Sheets API lets users to read and modify any aspect of a spreadsheet. The WSO2 Google Spreadsheet Connector allows you to access the Google Spreadsheet API Version v4 through an integration sequence. It allows users to read/write any aspect of the spreadsheet via the spreadsheets collection.

To see the Google Spreadsheet Connector, navigate to the connector store and search for "google".

Google Spreadsheet Connector Store


Connector Version Supported product versions
3.0.1 APIM 4.0.0, EI 7.1.0, EI 7.0.x, EI 6.6.0, EI 6.5.0

For older versions, see the details in the connector store.

Google Spreadsheet Connector documentation

How to contribute

As an open source project, WSO2 extensions welcome contributions from the community.

To contribute to the code for this connector, create a pull request in the following repository.

Check the issue tracker for open issues that interest you. We look forward to receiving your contributions.