ISO8583 Connector Reference

The following operations allow you to work with the ISO8583 Connector. Click an operation name to see parameter details and samples on how to use it.

Initialize the connector

To use the ISO8583 connector, add the element in your configuration before connecting with Testserver.


The init operation is used to initialize the connection to ISO8583.

Parameter Name Description Required
serverHost Here the host is localhost. Yes
serverPort Here the port is 5010 , The Testserver will start to listen on that port. Yes

Sample configuration


To send the messages, use operation and using Rest-client to send the XML format messages. In Rest-client set the header application/xml as Content-Type.

POST the body in XML format and XML format message should be in the following structure.

        <field id="0">0200</field>
        <field id="3">568893</field>
        <field id="4">000000020000</field>
        <field id="7">0110563280</field>
        <field id="11">456893</field>
        <field id="44">DFGHT</field>
        <field id="105">ABCDEFGHIJ 9871236548</field>