Change the Thumbnail of an API

The thumbnail of an API can be changed by uploading an image for the thumbnail or by designing a new thumbnail image via the Publisher.

Upload new API thumbnail

  1. Sign in to API Publisher and click on the API that you want to change the thumbnail.

  2. Click Basic Info and click the API Thumbnail image.

  3. Click Upload and click on the Drop Zone to select an image for the thumbnail.

  4. Click Upload to save the newly uploaded thumbnail.

    The newly added image appears as the API thumbnail.

Design a new API Thumbnail

  1. Follow steps 1 - 3 under Upload new API thumbnail.

  2. Click Design.

  3. Select an icon, color, and background for the thumbnail.

    • Category

      Select the icon category. Currently, the API Publisher supports the following categories.

    • Icon Color

      Select the icon color from the color picker.

    • Background

      Select the thumbnail background from the designs.

  4. Click SAVE to save the thumbnail. change thumbnail design icon

    The designed thumbnail appears as the API thumbnail.