Service Orchestration

Service Orchestration is the process of exposing multiple fine-grained services using a single coarse-grained service. The service client will only have access to a single coarse-grained service, which encapsulates the multiple fine-grained services that are invoked in the process flow.

There are two distinct types of service orchestration:

  • Synchronous service orchestration
  • Asynchronous service orchestration

In both the above orchestration approaches, the WSO2 Micro Integrator can interact with services using two different patterns (depending on the use case):

Service chaining

Multiple services that need to be orchestrated are invoked one after the other in a synchronous manner. The input to one service is dependant on the output of another service. Invocation of services and input-output mapping is handled by the service orchestration layer (which is the WSO2 Micro Integrator).

Parallel service invocations

Multiple services are invoked simultaneously without any blocking until a response is received from another service.