The following topics list the APIs exposed from the API Publisher, Developer Portal, Admin Portal and Gateway, which you can use to create and manage APIs. You can consume APIs directly through their UIs or, an external REST client like cURL.

There are two versions of REST APIs available for the Admin Portal.

WSO2 Publisher API v3 WSO2 recommends that you use the v2 REST APIs as it is up to date and has support for the latest WSO2 API Manager 4.1.0 features with regard to the Publisher, Developer Portal, and Admin Portal.
WSO2 Developer Portal API v2
WSO2 Admin Portal API v3
WSO2 Gateway API v2
WSO2 Service Catalog API v1
WSO2 Devops API v0

Quick Start

Following Postman collection provides quick start guide for WSO2 API Manager REST APIs. It can be used to,

  • Create, publish, subscribe and invoke a sample REST API
  • Create, subscribe and invoke a sample API Product

Run in Postman

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