Configuring Default Ports

This page describes the default ports that are used for each runtime when the port offset is 0 .

Common Ports

The following ports are common to all runtimes.

7611 Thrift TCP port to receive events from clients.
7711 Thrift SSL port for secure transport where the client is authenticated.
9611 Binary TCP port to receive events from clients.
9711 Binary SSL port for secure transport where the client is authenticated.

You can offset binary and thrift by configuring the offset parameter in the <SI_HOME>|<SI_TOOLING_HOME>/conf/server/deployment.yaml file. The following is a sample configuration.

  # Carbon Configuration Parameters
    # value to uniquely identify a server
  id: wso2-si
    # server name
  name: WSO2 Streaming Integrator
    # server type
  type: wso2-si
    # ports used by this server
      # port offset
    offset: 1

Server runtime

9090 HTTP netty transport
9443 HTTPS netty transport

Streaming Integrator Tooling runtime

9390 HTTP netty transport
9743 HTTPS netty transport

Dashboard runtime

9290 HTTP netty transport
9643 HTTPS netty transport


The following example shows how to override the default netty port for the Streaming Integrator Tooling by updating the required parameters in the <SI_TOOLING_HOME>/conf/server/deployment.yaml file.

          id: "default"
     port: 9390
          id: "msf4j-https"
     port: 9743

Clustering Ports

Ports that are required for clustering deployment:

Minimum High Availability (HA) Deployment:

Server node:

9090 HTTP netty transport.
9090 Specify the port of the node for the advertisedPort parameter in the liveSync section. The HTTP netty transport port is considered the default port.
9443 HTTPS netty transport.

Multi Datacenter High Availability Deployment

Other than the ports used in clustering setups (i.e., a Minimum HA Deployment or a scalable cluster), the following is required:

9092 Ports of the two separate instances of the broker deployed in each data center (e.g., bootstrap.servers= 'host1:9092, host2:9092'. The default is9092` where the external kafka servers start.)