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Streaming Overview

The Streaming Integrator component integrates streaming data from different sources such streaming applications, data publishers, databases, files, cloud-based applications, message brokers, etc., processes them in real time using a range of stream processing techniques, and exposes the results as managed APIs in the API marketplace. This allows API consumers to consume streaming data asynchronously.

Get Started with Streaming

Let's get started with the streaming capabilities and concepts of the Streaming Integrator of WSO2 API Manager.

streming quick start

Quick Start with Streaming

Try out a simple streaming solution using the Streaming Integrator.

develop first streaming solution

Develop your First Solution

Build a simple streaming scenario using WSO2 Streaming Integrator Tooling.

streaming key concepts

Key Concepts of Streaming

Explore the key concepts used by the Streaming Integrator.

Streaming APIs

The Streaming Integrator component consumes APIs via transports such as WebSocket, WebHooks, and SSE, and exposes the requests in a streaming manner to make that data available to applications that cannot consume APIs. Similarly, it uses the same transports to publish streaming data via APIs in an asynchronous manner.

WebSocket, SSE, and WebSub/WebHook APIs

Learn Integration

Streaming Capabilities

The following are the main use cases of WSO2 Streaming Integrator.

Extracting Data from Static Sources in Real Time Receiving Data in Transit Loading and Writing Data Publishing Data
Stream Processing Handling Errors Performing ETL Operations

Management and Observability

Monitoring Streaming Integrator

DevOps and Administration

Streaming Integrator Installation Streaming Integrator Deployment

Streaming Tutorials

The streaming tutorials walk you through the main capabilities and features of WSO2 Streaming Integrator, and help you understand how to build an Streaming applications.