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Format the Outputs of Get Commands

Formatting get Command Outputs

Output of get envs, get apis, get api-products and get apps can be formatted with Go Templates.

Available formatting options

Name Usage Example
table This is the default format and the output is displayed as a table
--format "table {{.Name}}\t{{.Id}}" 
json Output is formatted as JSON
--format "{{ json . }}" 
jsonArray Outputs a human-readable JSON Array with indented by 2 spaces
--format "jsonArray" 
jsonPretty Outputs a human-readable JSON with indented by 2 spaces
--format "table {{ jsonPretty . }}" 
upper Convert string to uppercase
--format "{{upper .Name}}\t{{upper .Context}}" 
lower Convert string to lowercase
--format "{{lower .Name}}\t{{lower .Context}}"
title Convert the first letter to uppercase of a string
--format "{{title .Name}}\t{{title .Context}}"