Prototyped APIs (Pre-Released APIs)

Prototyped APIs (Pre-Released APIs) allow subscribers to try out APIs without monetizations, allowing them to provide feedback to improve APIs.

PRE-RELEASED (previously PROTOTYPED) is a lifecycle state of the API that disallows adding monetizations to the API. After a period of time, the publishers can make changes requested by the users and publish the API (change the lifecycle state of the API to PUBLISHED) to add monetizations as required.

PRE-RELEASED lifecycle status

In the Developer Portal, these APIs will be the labelled as PRE-RELEASED and therefore can be clearly identified.

PRE-RELEASED to Developer Portal

WSO2 API Manager allows prototyping an API at two different stages.

  • At an initial stage, before implementing the actual backend, the backend responses can be mocked with a Prototype API by changing the Endpoint Type to Mock Implementation. You can use the these APIs to get feedback before you start implementing the actual service.

    Select Mock Implementation

  • Once a backend is implemented, the endpoint can be updated to an actual backend URL type, which then can be used for testing purposes and for an early promotion.

For more information on prototyping an API, see the following links.