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Add a Third-party API

WSO2 API Manager provides the capability to publish APIs that are deployed in an external gateway. Since these APIs are not deployed in the WSO2 API gateway, the API will not be proxied through the gateway.

In previous versions of API Manager, third-party APIs were available when importing APIs from AWS API Gateway and when publishing through external developer portals.

Creating a Third-party API

Method 1 - API types already supported by API Manager

A regular API can be converted to a third-party API from the Basic Info section in the API Publisher portal.


An API cannot be converted to a third-party API when there are active deployments. Convert to third-party API

Method 2 - Streaming APIs

In addition to the streaming APIs supported in API Manager (WebSocket, SSE, and WebSub) the Other option provided when importing API definitions can be used to import a third-party API.


The APIs created using the ‘Other’ option cannot be converted to a regular API. It can be only used as a third-party API. Create AsyncAPIs using the Other option

Listed below are the fields available when adding third-party API details to the API Manager.

Name Mandatory/Optional Description
API External Production Endpoint Mandatory Production endpoint of the externally deployed API.
API External Sandbox Endpoint Optional Sandbox endpoint of the externally deployed API.
Original Developer Portal URL Optional A link to the third-party Developer Portal where the API is published if available.

You can see an indicator added to the API thumbnail in the API Publisher Portal to distinguish whether an API is from a third-party, as shown below.

You can use the new default property thirdParty to search for APIs that are from a third-party.


Third-party API (REST API) resources can be used in API products. External Production/Sandbox endpoints of the APIs will be added as the endpoints for the API product. Endpoint security is not added for third-party API resources.


Subscriptions are available by default for third-party APIs. However, since the third-party APIs are not deployed in the API Gateway, the tokens generated from API Manager applications will not be valid. In order to support tokens and other functionalities from API Manager for third-party APIs, a special setup is required with the credentials of the service providers available within API Manager.