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APK as Gateway in API Manager


The Control Plane serves as the central intelligence hub for WSO2 APK, orchestrating the entirety of the API ecosystem. It encompasses critical functionalities such as API management, administrative operations, and the API marketplace. Structurally, it comprises four principal components: the Back Office, Dev Portal, Admin Portal, and APIM-APK Agent. These components cater to diverse user roles, ranging from API product managers to consumers and administrative personnel. Within the Control Plane, users configure, oversee, and track the performance of APIs, ensuring seamless management and optimization of the API landscape.

For the APK Control Plane, we are going to use same WSO2 API Manager Control Plane. The WSO2 API Manager control plane is a set of components that are responsible for managing and monitoring APIs. APK Only supports REST API and GraphQL API creation for now.


Following diagram depicts the architecture of how the WSO2 APIM Control Plane connects with WSO2 APK Gateway using APIM-APK Agent.



The APIM APK Agent is a component that connects the WSO2 API Manager (APIM) control plane with the WSO2 APK Gateway. The APIM APK Agent is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Recieve JMS Events which relates to API,Application,Subscription management from the APIM Control Plane.
  • Convert the data which is recieved from the APIM Control Plane to the APK Gateway understandable format which are K8s Custom Resources.
  • Apply the generated Custom Resources to the K8s cluster to deploy API to APK Gateway.

Supported Features

  • API Management: Manage APIs, including creating, publishing, and retiring APIs.
  • Application Management: Manage applications that consume APIs, including subscription management.
  • Subscription Management: Manage subscriptions to APIs by applications.
  • API Analytics: Gather and analyze data on API usage and performance.
  • API Marketplace: Provide a marketplace for discovering and consuming APIs.
  • Integration with WSO2 APK Gateway: Integrate with the APK Gateway for deploying APIs and managing traffic.

You can refer the APK Control Plane API Management Overview for more details on the supported and unsupported features.

Next Steps

You can refer the Quick Start Guide regards to trying out API Manager Control Plane with APK Gateway using APIM-APK Agent.