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Role based access control for Admin Portal

Super admin can restrict each section in the admin portal based on the scopes. Please follow the below scopes chart to define scopes.

Step 1 - Create a new role

  1. Sign in to WSO2 Management Console ( https://<Server Host>:9443+<port offset>/carbon )
  2. Click Add under Users and Role and click on Add New Role.
  3. Give a name for the role and click next.
  4. In the permissions screen give the necessary permissions. For example we can enable the Login permission.

Step 2 - Create a new user

  1. Click Add under Users and Role and click on Add New User.
  2. Give an username, password and click next.
  3. On the Users of role screen, choose and assign the role previously created to the new user.

Step 3 - Assign scopes for the user

  1. Sign in to WSO2 the Admin portal ( https://<Server Host>:9443+<port offset>/admin ) as the super admin or tenant admin
  2. Click Scope Assignments in the left sidebar and click on Add scope mappings .
  3. In the Provide role name text input give the role name which was previously created in step 1 and then click next.
  4. In the Select Permissions menu, select the Custom scope assignments option. And select the scopes that you want to assign for the newly created role. You can refer the following table when assigning the scopes. For example, If the admin wants the newly created user to access the key managers settings in the admin portal he can assign apim:keymanagers_manage, apim:tenantInfo, and apim:admin_settings.

    Add admin Scope Mapping For Role Based Access Control

  5. Finally, login to the admin portal as the newly created user which was created in step 2. The user can only access the Key Managers settings page.

    View Admin After Adding Role Based Access Control

Admin portal Menu scopes
Rate Limiting Policies apim:admin_tier_view, apim:admin_tier_manage, apim:tenantInfo, apim:bl_view, apim:bl_manage, apim:admin_settings
Gateways apim:environment_manage, apim:admin_settings, apim:environment_read
API Categories apim:api_category, apim:tenantInfo, apim:admin_settings
Key Managers apim:keymanagers_manage, apim:tenantInfo, apim:admin_settings
Tasks apim:api_workflow_view, apim:api_workflow_approve, apim:tenantInfo, apim:admin_setting
Settings apim:app_owner_change, apim:api_provider_change, apim:admin_application_view, apim:scope_manage, apim:admin_settings, apim:tenantInfo