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Joining Streaming Data with Stored Data in RDBMS


This application demonstrates how to perform join on streaming data with the data stored in RDBMS. The sample depicts a scenario, where a transaction by a credit card with which fraudulent activity has been previously done. The credit card numbers, which were noted for fraudulent activities are stored in an RDBMS table.


  1. Ensure that MySQL is installed on your machine
  2. Create a database named 'fraudDB' in MySQL. This database is referred to with 'jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/fraudDB' url.
  3. Create a table named 'FraudTable': CREATE TABLE FraudTable (creditCardNo VARCHAR(20));
  4. Insert some values to the table : INSERT INTO FraudTable VALUES ("143-90099-23433");
  5. In the store configuration of this application, replace 'username' and 'password' values with your MySQL credentials
  6. Save this sample

Executing the Sample:

  1. Start the Siddhi application by clicking on 'Run'
  2. If the Siddhi application starts successfully, the following messages would be shown on the console
    • JoinWithStoredData.siddhi - Started Successfully!

Testing the Sample:

  1. Simulate single events. For this, click on 'Event Simulator' (double arrows on left tab) -> 'Single Simulation' -> Select 'JoinWithStoredData' as 'Siddhi App Name' -> Select 'TradeStream' as 'Stream Name' -> Provide attribute values -> Send
  2. Send at-least one event with the single event simulator, where the creditCardNo matches a creditCardNo value in the data we previously inserted to the FraudTable. This would satisfy the 'on' condition of our join query

Viewing the Results:

See the output for suspicious trades on the console.


@App:description('Join streaming data with data stored in an RDBMS table')

       password="root" ,"com.mysql.jdbc.Driver")
define table FraudTable (creditCardNo string);

define stream TradeStream(creditCardNo string, trader string, tradeInfo string);

define stream SuspiciousTradeStream(creditCardNo string, suspiciousTrader string, suspiciousInfoTrade string);

--Perform a join on credit card number, to capture transactions with credit cards that have previously been used for fraudulent activity
from TradeStream as t join FraudTable as f
    on t.creditCardNo == f.creditCardNo
select t.creditCardNo, t.trader as suspiciousTrader, t.tradeInfo as suspiciousInfoTrade
insert into SuspiciousTradeStream;