Developing Integration Solutions

The contents on this page will walk you through the topics related to developing integration solutions using WSO2 Integration Studio.

WSO2 Integration Studio

WSO2 Integration Studio is the comprehensive developer tool, which you will use to develop, build, and test your integration solutions before the solutions are pushed to your production environments. See the topics given below for details.

Quick Tour of WSO2 Integration Studio Get introduced to the main functions of WSO2 Integration Studio.
Installing WSO2 Integration Studio Find the instructions on how to download and install the tool on your operating system.
Troubleshooting WSO2 Integration Studio Find details on how to troubleshoot errors you might encounter as you use WSO2 Integration Studio.

Development workflow

Integration developers will follow the workflow illustrated by the following diagram.

developer workflow

Set up the workspace

To start developing integration solutions, you need to first install and set up WSO2 Integration Studio.


Build and run

  1. Package

    The artifacts and modules should be packaged in a Composite Exporter before they can be deployed in any environment.

  2. Deploy

    You can easily deploy and try out the packaged integration artifacts on your preferred environment:

  3. Unit Tests

    Use the integration test suite of WSO2 Integration Studio to run unit tests on the developed integration solution.

Iterate and improve

As you build and run the integration flow, you may identify errors that need to be fixed, and changes that need to be done to the synapse artifacts.

Debug Mediations Use the Mediation Debug function in WSO2 Integration Studio to debug errors while you develop the integration solutions.
Using Logs You can enable and analyze the following logs to debug various errors:

You must redeploy the integration artifacts after applying changes.

Push to production

It is recommended to use a CICD pipeline to deploy your tested integration solutions in the production environment.

On-Premise Environment You can easily push your integration solutions to a CICD pipeline because the developer tool (WSO2 Integration Studio) consists of Maven support. See the details on Integration Project.
Kubernetes Environment If you have a Kubernetes deployment, see the instructions on how to use the Kubernetes CICD pipeline.
Develop your first integration Try the development workflow end-to-end by running a simple use case.
Integration Use Cases Read about the integration use cases supported by the Micro Integrator.
Tutorials Develop and try out each integration use case end-to-end.
Examples Try out specific integration scenarios by running the samples.