Setting up a Microsoft SQL Database

Follow the steps given below to set up the required MSSQL databases for your Micro Integrator (MI) Dashboard.

Creating the database

The required MsSQL script is stored in the <MI_DASHBOARD_HOME>/dbscripts/mssql directory of your Micro Integrator (MI) Dashboard.

Create the database and then create the DB tables by pointing to the MsSQL script in the <MI_DASHBOARD_HOME>/dbscripts/mssql directory.

Connect to sqlcmd 

sqlcmd -S <host> -U <username> 

And then enter following
USE master ;  
CREATE DATABASE dashboarddb;

Change the <DB_NAME> in first line of mssql.sql script given in <MI_DASHBOARD_HOME>/dbscripts/mssql/mssql.sql to 
actual DB name 
ex: use dashboarddb;

:r <MI_DASHBOARD_HOME>/dbscripts/mssql/mssql.sql

Setting up the JDBC driver

Download and copy the mssql-jdbc-10.2.1.jre8.jar Microsoft SQL JDBC driver file to the MI_DASHBOARD_HOME/lib/ directory. Use as the in your datasource configuration as explained below.

Connecting the database to the server

Open the deployment.toml file in the <MI_DASHBOARD_HOME>/conf directory and add the following sections to create the connection between the Micro Integrator (MI) Dashboard and the database.

jdbcUrl = "jdbc:sqlserver://localhost:1433;databaseName=dashboarddb;encrypt=true;trustServerCertificate=true;"
username = "sa"
password = "xxxx"
driverClassName = ""
maximumPoolSize = "100"
poolName = "dashboard-1"
connectionTimeout = "30000"
maxLifetime = "1800000"

For more information, see the descriptions of database connection parameters.