Setting up Kafka

To use the Kafka connector, download and install Apache Kafka. Before you start configuring the Kafka you also need the integration runtime and we refer to that location as .

Note: The recommended version is Kafka_2.11-2.2.1. For all available versions of Kafka that you can download, see The recommended Java version is 1.8.

Library versions

Note that the libraries mentioned below are the versions tested with the connector. You can use different versions of the libraries if you test them locally.

To configure the Kafka connector, copy the following client libraries from the <KAFKA_HOME>/lib directory to the <MI_HOME>/lib directory.

Copy the following additional client libraries to the <MI_HOME>/lib directory (can be copied from the Confluent platform):

Navigate to and run the following command to start the ZooKeeper server:

bin/ config/

From the directory, run the following command to start the Kafka server:

bin/ config/

Now that you have connected to Kafka, you can start publishing and consuming messages using the Kafka brokers. For more information, see Publishing Messages using Kafka and Consuming Messages using Kafka.