Test a REST API Using Postman

You can download a Postman collection for an OpenAPI using WSO2 API Manager, and test the REST API using Postman.

Try out using the Integrated API Console

If required, instead of using Postman you can try out your REST APIs using the WSO2 API Manager Integrated API Console.

Let's download an OpenAPI as a Postman collection and try it out using Postman.

Step 1 - Download a Postman collection for the API

Follow the instructions below to download an OpenAPI as a Postman collection:

  1. Sign in to the WSO2 Developer Portal.


  2. Click an API (e.g., PizzaShackAPI) to go to the API overview.

    API overview

  3. Click Try Out to go to the Try out section.

    Postman try out

  4. Subscribe to an API if you have not done so already.

  5. Select the application name and click Postman collection.

    This downloads the Postman collection.

    Collection download

Step 2 - Try out the collection in Postman

Follow the instructions below to try out the Postman collection that contains the Open API.

  1. Get the authentication code.

    This is required because the Postman collection is secured.

    1. Click Subscriptions.

    2. Click the PROD KEYS to generate an Access Token.


    3. Click Generate Access Token to generate a new token.

      Generate token

    4. Click Generate.

      Generate dialog

    5. Copy the access token you generated.

  2. Open the Postman application and click Import to import the Postman collection file that you downloaded.

    Import Postman

  3. Select a resource from the Postman collection to test.

  4. Click on the Authorization tab and select Bearer Token as the token type.

    Token type

  5. Paste the copied token.

  6. Click Send to proceed.

    Put token

    You can now see the result under the Body tab.

    Postman result