Update Choreo Connect

Choreo Connect components are available as public Docker images in WSO2 organization in the Docker hub and you will be able to find images corresponding to Choreo Connect releases from the linked repository.

However, if you have a WSO2 Subscription you will be able to use the latest Docker images with updates, which include bug fixes, features, improvements, etc. on top of generally available releases. This page provides instructions on how you can use these particular updates.

Docker Image Tags

The Docker images related to Choreo Connect updates reside in WSO2 private Docker registry and the image tags have the following format for Choreo Connect components.

Component Name Image tag format Example
Router choreo-connect-router:{WSO2_PRODUCT_VERSION}.{UPDATE_LEVEL} choreo-connect-router:
Enforcer choreo-connect-enforcer:{WSO2_PRODUCT_VERSION}.{UPDATE_LEVEL} choreo-connect-enforcer:
Adapter choreo-connect-enforcer:{WSO2_PRODUCT_VERSION}.{UPDATE_LEVEL} choreo-connect-adapter:


For more details on versioning, you may follow through the documentation on Docker image tags with Updates 2.0.

You will be able to use Updates Portal to see more details about these update levels in docker image tags, which will be covered in next section.

Updates Portal

Use your subscription details to log in to the Updates Portal via https://updates-info.wso2.com. You will be able to see information like General description, Implementation details, Impact, Bug fixes, and specific Instructions on each update in the Update Levels section by choosing Choreo Connect as the product and the appropriate product version.


For more information on this, refer to the official documentation for Updates Portal.

Steps to Update

  1. Update the image value for all three components of Choreo Connect in the following files.

    Deployment Option Files to update
    Docker Compose docker-compose.yaml
    Kubernetes adapter-deployment.yaml and choreo-connect-deployment.yaml

    Following is an example on updating Choreo Connect 1.0.0 to update level 9.

    Component Image
    Adapter docker.wso2.com/choreo-connect-adapter:
    Enforcer docker.wso2.com/choreo-connect-enforcer:
    Router docker.wso2.com/choreo-connect-enforcer:
  2. Login to docker.wso2.com.

    docker login docker.wso2.com
  3. Start Choreo Connect with Docker Compose or apply the K8s artifacts.

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