WSO2 MB Message Store


WSO2 Message Broker is used as the message store for the Micro Integrator.


The following properties can be configured when creating a WSO2 MB Message Store.

Parameter Name


Message Store Name Give a unique name for the JMS message store.
Message Store Type Select WSO2 MB Message Store from the list of options.
Initial Context Factory This specifies the JNDI initial context factory class ( java.naming.factory.initial ). This class implements the implement the java.naming.spi.InitialContextFactory interface. The value is set to org.wso2.andes.jndi.PropertiesFileInitialContextFactory , by default.
Queue Connection Factory

This is the connection factory URlfor connecting to WSO2 MB. By default, the value is set to amqp://admin:admin@clientID/carbon?brokerlist='tcp://localhost:5673' .


Be sure to change the port to 5675.

JNDI Queue Name The name of the queue in the broker that will store messages.
JMS API Specification Version The JMS API version to be used. Possible values are 1.1 or 1.0. The value is set to 1.1, by default.