Error Handling

Error Codes

In the event of errors occurring during runtime, the Router responds with specific error codes to identify the exact error. The table below lists and describes such error codes. To find more about above error codes, see Envoy's response flags documentation.

Error Code Envoy Error Code Description
102500 UAEX Router couldn't connect to the Enforcer
102503 UF Upstream connection failed
102504 UT Upstream connection timeout
102505 UO Upstream overflow
102506 URX Upstream maximum connect attempts reached
102507 NC Upstream not configured for the resource
102508 UH No healthy upstream
102509 UR Upstream connection reset by the remote
102510 UC Upstream connection termination
102511 LR Connection reset by the gateway
102512 IH Strictly checked header validation failure
102513 SI Stream idle timeout
102514 DPE HTTP protocol error in downstream request
102515 UPE HTTP protocol error in upstream request
102516 UMSDR Upstream request reached max stream duration
103500 - Interceptor service connect failure or invalid response status code
103501 - Invalid encoded body from interceptor service