Connecting to SwiftMQ

This section describes how to configure WSO2 Micro Integrator to connect with SwiftMQ.

  1. Download and set up SwiftMQ.
  2. Download and install WSO2 Micro Integrator
  3. Copy the following client libraries from SMQ_HOME/lib directory to MI_HOME/lib directory.

    • jms.jar
    • jndi.jar
    • swiftmq.jar


    Always use the standard client libraries that come with a particular version of SwiftMQ in order to avoid version incompatibility issues. We recommend that you remove old client libraries, if any, from all locations including MI_HOME/liband MI_HOME/droppins before copying the libraries relevant to a given version.

  4. If you want the Micro Integrator to receive messages from a SwiftMQ instance, or to send messages to a SwiftMQ instance, you need to update the deployment.toml file with the relevant connection parameters.


    For details on the JMS configuration parameters used in the code segments above, see JMS connection factory parameters.

You have now configured an instance of SwiftMQ and WSO2 Micro Integrator. Refer JMS Consumer and JMS Producer section for implementation details of JMS consumer and producer.