REST API Guide Overview

The following REST API categories are supported for WSO2 Streaming Integrator:

  • Siddhi Application Management APIs

    The supported APIs allow you to manage Siddhi applications by creating, updating and deleting them as required. You can also fetch a Siddhi applications, enable statistics for them, retrieve them take snapshots of them etc.

  • Permission APIs

    The supported APIs allow you to add permission strings, getting a permission ID for a given string and checking whether a specific user role is granted a specific permission.

  • Business Rules APIs

    The supported APIs allow you to manage business rules by creating, updating, and deleting them as required and to fetch information relating to both business rules and business rules templates.

  • Store APIs

    This category includes a single API that allows you to perform CRUD operations for your data stores.

  • Healthcheck APIs

    This category allows you to retrieve information relating to the health of your streaming integrator deployment.