Enforcer Test Key Authentication

Choreo Connect itself provides the ability to generate a JWT as a test key to access the APIs deployed.

Generating a Test JWT

You can obtain a test JWT with the default configuration using a request similar to the following.

curl -X POST "https://<hostname>:<port>/testkey" -H "Authorization: Basic <Base64_Encoded(username:password)>" -k
curl -X POST "https://localhost:9095/testkey" -H "Authorization: Basic YWRtaW46YWRtaW4=" -k


Here the basic authentication header is the base64 encoded username and password. For an example, Base64_Encoded(admin:admin). This is required because the test key generation service (/testkey) is protected with basic authentication as explained below.

Configuring Choreo Connect for Test JWT Generation

To configure test JWT generation, open <CHOREO-CONNECT_HOME>/resources/conf/config.toml file in a text editor and configure the parameters as described below.

  enabled = true
  issuer = "https://localhost:9095/testkey" # https://<host>:<port>/testkey
  encoding = "base64" # base64,base64url
  claimDialect = ""
  signingAlgorithm = "SHA256withRSA"
  publicCertificatePath = "/home/wso2/security/truststore/mg.pem"
  privateKeyPath = "/home/wso2/security/keystore/mg.key"
  validityPeriod = 3600 # seconds
    username = "admin"
    password = "admin"
    username = "user"
    password = "user123"

To allow users to invoke the test key service endpoint with basic authentication, it is required to define the users under enorfcer.jwtIssuer.jwtUser providing the username and the password of each user as given above.


In production environments, disable the /testkey endpoint and remove the issuer "https://localhost:9095/testkey" from the trusted token services list in the config.toml. Set enabled to false to disable the endpoint.

To accept these test keys generated from the Enforcer as trusted tokens, the following is added to config.toml by default, giving the same issuer and the publicCertificatePath parameter values used when configuring enforcer.jwtIssuer above.

# Issuer 2
    issuer = "https://localhost:9095/testkey"
    certificateAlias = "mgw"
    jwksURL = ""
    validateSubscription = false
    consumerKeyClaim = ""
    certificateFilePath = "/home/wso2/security/truststore/mg.pem"

Refer to Configuring an External Key Manager to learn more.