Processing Geo Data


This application demonstrates how to retrieve the longitude and latitude based on location details provided.

Before you begin:

Save the sample Siddhi application in Streaming Integrator Tooling.

Executing the Sample

To execute the sample open the saved Siddhi application in Streaming Integrator Tooling, and start it by clicking the Start button (shown below) or by clicking Run => Run.

Start button

If the Siddhi application starts successfully, the following message appears in the console.

execution-geo-sample.siddhi - Started Successfully!

Testing the Sample

To test the sample Siddhi application, simulate single events for it via the Streaming Integrator Tooling as follows:

  1. To open the Event Simulator, click the Event Simulator icon.

    Event Simulator Icon

    This opens the event simulation panel.

  2. To simulate events for the geocodeStream stream of the execution-geo-sample Siddhi application, enter information in the Single Simulation tab of the event simulation panel as follows.

    Select Siddhi Application and Stream

    Field Value
    Siddhi App Name execution-geo-sample
    StreamName geocodeStream

    As a result, attributes specific to the geocodeStream are displayed as marked in the above image.

  3. Enter attribute values as follows.

    Attribute Values.

    Attribute Value
    location 5 Avenue Anatole France
    level 75007 Paris
    time France
  4. Click Start and Send.

Viewing the Results

The prediction for the location you provided via the event you simulated is displayed as follows in the Streaming Integrator Tooling console.

INFO {} - sentimentExtensionSample: Event :, StreamEvent{ timestamp=1513623526790, beforeWindowData=null, onAfterWindowData=null, outputData=[48.8583698, 2.2944833, Tour Eiffel, 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France], type=CURRENT, next=null}

Click here to view the sample Siddhi application.
@App:description('Use geo data related functionality to retrieve the longitude and latitude for the provided location details.')

-- Please refer to on getting started with streaming-integrator-tooling.

define stream geocodeStream (location string, level string, time string);

define stream dataOut(latitude double, longitude double, formattedAddress string);

@info(name = 'query')
from geocodeStream#geo:geocode(location)
select latitude, longitude, formattedAddress
insert into dataOut;