Setting up the ServiceNow Instance

The ServiceNow connector allows you to access the ServiceNow REST API from an integration sequence. To use the REST API, we need to have a ServiceNow account.

Signing Up for Servicenow

  1. Visit ServiceNow site and sign up for an account and do the verification step.

  2. Now you need to create an instance. To do that visit ServiceNow Developer account with the credentials you obtained when following the previous step. Click on the Request Instance button.
    Login to Developer Account

  3. Once you reach the Request an Instance page, you can choose the version of ServiceNow instance you like.
    Choose the release

  4. You will receive the instance details. Make a note of this for future reference.

    Instance Details

  5. Log in to the instance URL provided in step 4 with the credentials provided. At this point you need to change your password.
    Instance Details

  6. With the changed password, you can log in again to the instance and you will be redirected to the Dashboard.