Monthly API Usage Report

PDF reporting is useful for an organization if reports of API analytics data need to be sent to various stakeholders. This is supported via the Monthly API Usage Report widget which can be accessed through the Reports dashboard.

APIM Analytics Reports Dashboard


Here the permission to access the Reports dashboard is only available for users with admin roles.

The following UI widget supports generating a PDF report of a specific year,month combination. The report can be downloaded by clicking on the download button.

API Usage Summary Widget

The PDF report presents a table with the following information.

        1) API Name
        2) API Version
        3) Application Name
        4) Application Owner
        5) Request Count

Monthly Usage Summary

Customizing the Report

The default implementation can be overridden and extended if your organization requires different data than the ones provided by the default report. This can be achieved by implementing the ReportGenerator interface. The default implementation can be used as a reference when implementing the extended version. A sample customized implementation can be found here.

Once the implementation is done, the bundle needs to be placed in {ANALYTICS_HOME/lib} directory and the report:implClass config of the dashboard deployment.yaml should be changed to the fully qualified class name of the custom implementation as follows.