Enable or Disable Banner

The banner section is hidden by default. The banner section can be used to show an announcement to the developer portal users as follows.

enable or disable banner

You can show a banner by configuring the defaultTheme.js file.

The defaultTheme.js file has all the parameters defining the look and feel of the developer portal. To learn more about defaultTheme.js refer here.

  1. Open the <API-M_HOME>/repository/deployment/server/jaggeryapps/devportal/site/public/theme/defaultTheme.js file in a text editor and set the themes.light.custom.banner.active attribute as true to show the banner.

  2. Refresh the Developer Portal to view the changes.

The following attributes available for the banner

const Configurations = {
    custom: {
        banner: {
            active: true,
            style: 'text',
            image: '/site/public/images/landing/01.jpg',
            text: 'This is a very important announcement',
            color: '#ffffff',
            background: '#e08a00',
            padding: 20,
            margin: 0,
            fontSize: 18,
            textAlign: 'center',
Option type Description
active boolean Banner is visible if true. Hidden if false (default).
style string Style value can be 'image' or 'text' (default). If text it will display the 'banner.text' value else it will display the 'banner.image'.
image string Path to banner image
text string Text to be shown
color string Color of the banner text
background string Background color of the banner
padding integer CSS padding of the banner
margin integer CSS margin of the banner
fontSize integer CSS font-size attribute of the banner text
textAlign string Text align direction