Application analytics


Similar to the other dashboards, Application analytics dashboard can be viewed by any user having Analytics role or subscriber role. And these permissions can be changed as per your preferences by going to Settings options of the dashboard. More information can be found at Managing Analytics Dashboard Permissions page.

Log into the analytics-dashboard application and access application analytics dashboard (ex: https://localhost:9643/analytics-dashboard/dashboards/application) dashboard from there.

Faulty Invocation per Application

In a faulty API invocation, the message is mediated though the fault sequence. By default, the API Manager considers an API invocation to be faulty when the backend service is unavailable or if a runtime exception occurs that is related to the backend communication. The total number of invocations made by each application that are faulty are represented in these statistics.


Top Application Users

This widget displays the users who made the largest number of API calls per application. You also can limit the number of users that needs to be listed by changing the limit filter in the UI.


Registered Application Users

The statistics for this widget takes the number of users shared across each application in to consideration.

To enable application sharing among users within the same organization, see Sharing Applications.


Resource Usage of Application

This widget displays the usage of resources of the APIs by each application.


API Usage of Application

This widget displays the number of invocations made for each API by each application.