Customizing Analytics Dashboards

API Manager analytics provides three types of dashboards which are APIM Admin, APIM Developer Portal and APIM Publisher.

The users will not be allowed to modify the default dashboards, i.e either to modify the layout of the widget or add custom widgets to a particular dashboard. If it is required to modify one of the default dashboards, a copy of the dashboard should be created and the modification should be applied to that copy as described below.

  1. Click on the button at the bottom right corner of the dashboard that needs to be customized as shown below.

    API Manager default dashboards

  2. A dropdown menu will appear as shown below and click the Duplicate button from the dropdown.

    APIM Analytics dashboard dropdown

  3. A form will be displayed as shown below. Add a valid Name and URL for the dashboard according to the preference and click the ok button.

    Dashboard duplication form

  4. Now a copy of the dashboard is created with the provided Name as shown below.

    Duplicated dashboard

  5. Click the dropdown button at the bottom right corner of the created dashboard and click the design button as shown below.

    Dashboard dropdown

  6. Now it will be directed to the design portal where the customization of the selected dashboard can be done.