Customizing the Analytics Dashboards

WSO2 API Manager Analytics has five different dashboards that are namely, API Analytics, Application Analytics, Business Analytics, Monitoring, and Reports.

The users are not be allowed to modify the default dashboards such as, either to modify the layout of the widget or add custom widgets to a particular dashboard. If you need to modify one of the default dashboards, you need to make a copy of the dashboard and the do the modifications to the copy of the dashboard as described below.

  1. Click on the dashboard customization icon in the dashboard card as shown below.

    API Manager default dashboards

  2. Click Duplicate.

    APIM Analytics dashboard dropdown

    A form will be displayed as shown below.

  3. Enter a valid Name and URL for the dashboard based on your preference and click OK.

    Dashboard duplication form

    A copy of the dashboard is created with the provided Name as shown below.

    Duplicated dashboard

  4. Click the dashboard customization icon that corresponds to the created dashboard card and click Design as shown below.

    Dashboard dropdown

    Now, you will be directed to the Design Portal.

  5. Do the required customization on the selected dashboard.