Quick Start Guide with API Manager - Docker

Lets' deploy an API from API Manager (control plane) and invoke via the Choreo Connect.

Before you begin...

Make sure to install and set up Docker.

Step 1 - Download and setup Choreo Connect distribution zip

Latest Choreo Connect distribution can be downloaded from the page. Extract the Choreo Connect distribution zip. Extracted folder will be called as CC_HOME hereafter.

Step 2 - Configure Choreo Connect to Connect to API Manager

We have to enable the [controlPlane.eventHub] in the config.toml file in the CHOREO-CONNECT_HOME/docker-compose/choreo-connect-with-apim/conf directory. Let's edit the config.toml like below to enable the event hub.

  enabled = true

Step 3 - Start Choreo Connect and API Manager

First we need to add the host entry to /etc/hosts file in order to access the API Manager publisher and dev portal. Add the following entry to /etc/hosts file   apim

Start the Choreo Connect and API Manager on docker by executing the docker compose script inside the CHOREO-CONNECT_HOME/docker-compose/choreo-connect-with-apim folder.

docker-compose up -d

Once containers are up and running, we can monitor the status of the containers using the following command

docker ps | grep choreo-connect-


Note that the docker-compose deploy API Manager with basic configurations. In order to deploy API Manager in production grade docker setup artifacts from APIM page. This docker-compose scripts is provided for try out purposes only.

Step 4 - Deploy Sample API from API Manager

  1. First login to the API Manager publisher portal by accessing the url https://apim:9443/publisher/

  2. Click on the REST API card and then click on the Deploy Sample API button. This will deploy the sample PizzaShack API.

  3. Then click on the Endpoints from the left-hand side menu inside the PizzaShackAPI. Change the production endpoint and sandbox endpoint url as http://apim:9763/am/sample/pizzashack/v1/api/. Then save the changes by clicking save button.

  4. Follow the deploy an API guide to deploy the changes done to the API in to the Choreo Connect.

Step 5 - Subscribing to API and Get a Token

  1. Sign in to the WSO2 Developer Portal (https://<hostname>:9443/devportal) and click an API (e.g., PizzaShack).

  2. Subscribe to the API (e.g., PizzaShack 1.0.0) using an application and an available throttling policy. Subscribe to an API

  3. Click Applications and then click on the application that you used to subscribe to the API. Click Production Keys and click Generate keys to generate a production key.

    Generate production keys


Production and Sandbox Tokens: To generate keys for the Sandbox endpoint, go to the Sandbox Keys tab. For more information, see Maintaining Separate Production and Sandbox Gateways.


JWT tokens: As the application is self-contained (JWT), copy the generated access token before proceeding to the next step.

Step 6 - Invoke the API via Choreo Connect

Use the below curl command to invoke the /menu resource of the PizzaShackAPI

curl -k -X GET "https://localhost:9095/pizzashack/1.0.0/menu" -H "accept: application/json" -H "Authorization: Bearer <COPIED_TOKEN>"


Note the port 9095 in above curl command which is the Choreo Connect port. Hence we are invoking the API via Choreo Connect.