Analytics for Choreo Connect

Choreo Connect Analytics provides reports, dashboards, statistics, and graphs for the APIs deployed on Choreo Connect. WSO2 Choreo Connect has the capability to publish events to the Choreo platform in order to generate analytics. This page describes the feature and explains how the feature could be used to generate useful analytics in order to gain important insights into the APIs deployed on the Choreo Connect. To learn more concepts on analytics, follow the concepts.

Configuring Analytics for Choreo Connect

The following steps will describe how to configure Choreo Connect Analytics with Choreo portal.


Before you begin, make sure to go through main configurations and Configurations for Analytics and familiar with the configurations.

Step 1 - Set up Analytics

To configure analytics with Choreo,

  1. Sign up to
  2. Go to and generate a on-prem-key.
  3. Open the docker-compose.yaml file located in the CHOREO-CONNECT_HOME/docker-compose/choreo-connect or CHOREO-CONNECT_HOME/docker-compose/choreo-connect-with-apim based on your choice on the setup.


    Choreo Connect can be configured to pulish Analytics to Choreo cloud in both standalone mode and with Control Plane mode.

  4. Find the environment variables section under the enforcer and change the below variables.

  5. Now open the config.toml located in CHOREO-CONNECT_HOME/docker-compose/choreo-connect/conf directory and find the Analytics section and enable analytics by using the following configurations.

    enabled = true
        bufferFlushInterval = "1s"
        bufferSizeBytes = 16384
        gRPCRequestTimeout = "20s"
        authURL = "$env{analytics_authURL}"
        authToken = "$env{analytics_authToken}"
        port = 18090
        maxMessageSize = 1000000000
        maxHeaderLimit = 8192
        #keep alive time of the external authz connection
        keepAliveTime = 600
            coreSize = 10
            maxSize = 100
            #keep alive time of threads in seconds
            keepAliveTime = 600
            queueSize = 1000

Step 2 - Try it out

Let's generate some traffic to see the Analytics in Choreo cloud.

  1. Deploy your API - Follow this according to your setup.

  2. Let's Invoke the API few times - Invoke the API

  3. Go to Choreo Insights to view statistics.

Here are some of the graphs generated in Choreo cloud.

Choreo Analytics Overview

Choreo Analytics Traffic

Choreo Analytics Latency