Analytics for Choreo Connect

Choreo Connect Analytics provides reports, dashboards, statistics, and graphs for the APIs deployed on Choreo Connect. WSO2 Choreo Connect has the capability to publish events to the Choreo platform in order to generate analytics. This page describes the concepts behind publishing analytics events from choreo connect.


WSO2 Choreo Connect supports publishing Analytics as Real-Time events to an Analytics server (Choreo portal) via Azure event hub.


Following diagram shows the process flow of a success request in Choreo Connect with Analytics enabled.

There are two main components related to internal gRPC request for sending StreamAccessLogsMessage from router to enforcer and which is used to collect analytics data.

  1. gRPC Access Logger
  2. gRPC Event Listener

gRPC Access Logger

gRPC Access Logger in the router will be activated only if we enable analytics and which is triggered after the backend response came back to the router (after step 5 in above diagram). This will send StreamAccessLogsMessage to the enforcer with dynamic_metadata for collecting Analytics data at the enforcer.

gRPC Event Listener

gRPC Event Listener in the enforcer will be activated only if we enable analytics and it is listening for gRPC Access Logger. This will process the StreamAccessLogsMessage and publish analytics using the ChoreoAnalyticsPublisher client.


In case of a request failure (i.e. authentication failure at enforcer) it will publish the events after the failure at enforcer (after step 2) and the StreamAccessLogsMessage will be ignored in such a case.