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An application is a logical representation of an physical application such as mobile app, webapp, device etc. If an application to consume an API, it should subscribe to the required API over a selected business plan, which determined the usage quota the application is allowed to have. A single application can have multiple API subscriptions. Each application has consumer key and consumer secret pair and the requests to the subscribed APIs are authenticated via the tokens generated using them.

Applications allow you to:

  • Generate and use a single key for multiple APIs
  • Subscribe multiple times to a single API with different Service Level Agreements (SLAs)/business plans which operate on per access token basis

The API Manager comes with a pre-created default application, which allows unlimited access by default. You can also create your own.

Create Applications

  1. Sign in to WSO2 API developer portal ( https://<hostname>:9443/devportal).

  2. Click Applications tab.

  3. Click ADD NEW APPLICATION button. Add new application option

  4. Enter the application details and click SAVE button to create the application.

    Let's create an application with the following details.

    Application NamePizzaShackApp
    Per Token Quota10PerMin
    Token TypeJWT
    DescriptionPizzaShack Application

    Create New Application

    If the application creation is successful, you will be redirected to the application overview page

    Application Overview

  5. Navigate to Applications listing page, and you will find the PizzaShack application listed with other applications . The application can be edited or deleted by the application owner.

    Application Listing