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User Access Tokens

Generating user access tokens

User access tokens are tokens that authenticate the final user of an API, and are valid for all APIs subscribed to a user via a particular application. User access tokens allow you to invoke an API even from a third-party application such as a mobile app. You generate/renew a user access token by calling the Login API through a REST client. For more information, see Token API .


By default, access tokens and consumer secrets are not saved in an encrypted format in the database. An admin can enable encryption following the instructions in Encrypting OAuth Keys .


Tip : If you want to maintain authorization headers in messages, which are going out from the API Gateway, an admin can go to the <API_Gateway_node>/repository/conf/api-manager.xml file, uncomment the <RemoveOAuthHeadersFromOutMessage> element, set its value to false , and then restart the server to apply the changes.



Note that when a user is deleted, the access token is automatically invalidated.

Renewing user access tokens

To renew a user token, issue a REST call to the WSO2 Login API through a REST client. For more information, see Token API .{