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Application Access Tokens

Generating application access tokens

Application access tokens are tokens that authenticate an application, which is a logical collection of APIs. You can access all APIs associated with an application using a single token, and also subscribe multiple times to a single API with different service level agreement (SLA) levels/tiers. Application access tokens leverage OAuth2 to provide simple key management.

The steps below describe how to generate/renew application access tokens:

  1. Sign in to WSO2 API Store.
  2. Click the Applications menu and open the application for which you want to generate an access token.
  3. Click the Production Keys tab and click Generate Keys to create an application access token. You can use this token to invoke all APIs that you subscribe to using the same application.
    !!! tip

    In the Access token validity period field, you can set an expiration period to determine the validity period of the token after generation. Set this to a negative value to ensure that the token never expires. Also see Changing the default token expiration time .

    !!! tip

    Tip : When you generate access tokens to APIs protected by scope/s , you can select the scope/s and then generate the token for it.

Renewing application access tokens

When an application access token expires, consumers can refresh the token by signing into the API Store, opening the application, and clicking Re-generate that appears in the Production Keys tab. You can also specify a token expiration time for the application access token. Set this to a negative value to ensure that the token never expires.