Basic Health Checks

Basic health checks can be performed on an API Manager node by connecting to relevant ports. See the following table for the ports that can be used for health checks in a fully distributed deployment.

API Manager Profile Ports that can be used for health checks
Gateway Manager 9763 (HTTP), 9443 (HTTPS)
Gateway Worker 8280 (HTTP), 8243 (HTTPS)
API Dev Portal 9673 (HTTP), 9443 (HTTPS)
API Publisher 9673 (HTTP), 9443 (HTTPS)
Traffic Manager 5672 (TCP), 7611 (TCP), 7711 (TCP)
Key Manager 9673 (HTTP), 9443 (HTTPS)

For more information on each profile, see API Manager Profiles .

There can be scenarios where even though the ports are responding, the Services are not properly started. It is advisable to use Service level health checks to ensure that the services are started. For example, API Manager by default is shipped with the simple axis2 service named Version . This service returns the version of the API Manager instance that is running currently.

A sample cURL command and the response from the Version service are given below.

cURL command:

    curl -v http://<HOSTNAME>:<PORT>/services/Version
    curl -v http://localhost:9763/services/Version
    <ns:getVersionResponse xmlns:ns=""><return>WSO2 API Manager-2.6.0</return></ns:getVersionResponse>